Mullet Finger 12 count vac pack

Using mullet as offshore bait can be effective for various types of fishing, especially in saltwater environments. Mullet are a popular bait choice because they are readily available in many coastal areas and are known to attract a wide range of offshore game fish. Here are some tips on using mullet as offshore bait:


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  • Freshness: Use fresh mullet whenever possible. Fish prefer live or recently deceased bait, so this is good news because Superior Saltwater Bait has the freshest bait in the industry.
  • Size Matters: Select mullet of an appropriate size for the fish you’re targeting. Smaller mullet can be used for smaller species like snapper or trout, while larger mullet can attract bigger predators like tarpon, king mackerel, or sharks.
    Presentation: Hook the mullet in a way that presents it naturally to the fish. For larger mullet, you can hook them through the nose or through the back near the dorsal fin. For smaller mullet, hooking them through the lips or tail can be effective.
    Rigging: Use a rig suitable for the type of fishing you’re doing. This could be a simple hook and leader setup for bottom fishing or a more complex rig like a fish-finder rig or a balloon rig for targeting pelagic species.
    Use Live Bait: Whenever possible, use live mullet. Live bait is more appealing to predatory fish because it exhibits natural movement and behavior.
  • Cut Bait: If you can’t find live mullet, you can use cut mullet as bait. Cut it into chunks or strips and use it as dead bait. This can still be effective for many offshore species.
  • Chumming: Consider using mullet chunks or scraps as chum to attract fish to your area. Chumming can create a feeding frenzy and increase your chances of success.
  • Local Knowledge: Consult local anglers or guides for specific recommendations on using mullet as bait in your area. They can provide valuable insights into the best techniques and bait preferences for your target species.

Remember that the effectiveness of mullet as offshore bait can vary depending on the location, target species, and current conditions. Experiment with different techniques and be patient, as success may not come instantly. Additionally, always follow local regulations and guidelines regarding baitfish and fishing practices to ensure sustainable and responsible fishing.